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A journey into the world of Dance

8 new and interesting works coming at Rialto Theatre on November 13

The choreographers who have been selected this year, along with all the other contributors: dancers, dramaturgs, set designers, musicians, lighting, etc. artists, co-created new choreographic proposals and new projects. Their goal was to highlight the wealth of creation and inspiration of Cypriot artists by presenting works inspired by existential and social issues.

The artists who created the parallel events worked systematically, which frames and enriches the central program of performances. The parallel events were organized by the Limassol Dance House under the title "Dance Throughout the Year".



Lia Haraki

Gray beats my soul


Samantha Moses 

The Magical Other


Milena Ugren Koulas & Stylish Junkies

The Day After


Harry Koushos

“Kripse…na perasoume”


Maria Charalambous and Giorgos Dimopoulos

The Awesome Performance 


bytheway productions & Arianna Marcoulides

Radical Kindness


Julia Anna Brendle



Petros Konnaris

The core programme of performances was supplemented and enriched by parallel events organized by Dance House Lemesos under the title “Dance Throughout the Year”.

13/11 SUNDAY

Discussion at the Municipal Arts Centre (Papadaki Warehouses) will take place at 15:00
Dance videos Screenings at Dance House Lemesos between the hours of 18:00 – 20:00, which is also the organizer of the parallel events.

Opening Video

Video editing: Constantinos Constantinou,

Artistic curation: Julia Georgiadou,

Music production: Demetris Spyrou

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