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DANCE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, the parallel events of Cyprus Choreography Platform, will take place on November 13th to enrich the Platform’s main program. Find details below.

Sunday | November 13th


@ Limassol Municipal Arts Centre - Papadakis Warehouses



Representations in art: the space between decisions and appropriation



Vasileia Anaxagorou - Ph.D. Student | Visual Artist

Marios Psaras - Film Scholar | Director


Dance House Lemesos will be initiating a discussion on ethics in arts, as an attempt to exchange within the community and beyond, on issues related to inclusivity, appropriation, and representation.

In what way does the creative process- starting from production, the dramaturgical process towards the final presentation - addresses the issues of representation and inclusion of certain social groups and identities? Are there any boundaries between artistic decisions and representation? To what extent appropriation is encouraging a subjective and arbitrary narrative in art? Which body do we decide to present on stage? Which body do we refer to?

* The discussion follows the webinar "Which body do we refer to" with Dr. Pavlos Kountouriotis which took place last October.



@ Dance House Lemesos

Short Dance Films

(The films will be screened on repeat)



By Marita Anastasi

A literal but also a metaphorical stroll.

A village, a community that stands still in time’s passing. Preserving itself through the land that remains untouched, through photographs, voices and bodies.


Concept, Direction & Movement: Marita Anastasi

Performers: Julie Charalambidou, Eleana Charalabmous

Camera: George CJ Spyris, George Galatis

Editing: George CJ Spyris, Marita Anastasi

Music and Sound Design: George Demetriou

Clothing: The Vintage Clothing Cy

Special thanks: Marina Poyiadji, Marina Kakoulli, enclaved people of Kormakitis


what if?

By Ioli Kaskani

Brand new skin?

Falling into a dream?

Flying out?


Concept & Movement Direction: Ioli Kaskani

Dancers: Moses Ward, Ioli Kaskani

Videography: Phoenix Tanner

Editing: Phoenix Tanner, AnnaMaria Charalambous, Maria Leonidou, Ioli Kaskani

Music Composition: Moses Ward

Styling: Stella Stylianou

The film is based on my research for the residency program ‘Artists in Process’ 2022, of Dance House Nicosia



By Suzana Phialas

I detach myself, into an unknown meta-universe theater, where movement becomes an alien form of abstraction.


AI video by Suzana Phialas

Soldier up

By Styliana Apostolou

Soldier Up is inspired by the current wars happening in our world at this moment, meanwhile, with the influence, mass media consumption has on our everyday lives and on our relationships with others. What does war mean from a distance, and how do we cope with the fear of not being able to change certain catastrophic things happening in the world, outside of our everyday lives? What brings us closer to peace when the world around us brings us, terror? The dancer goes on an emotional journey where reflection becomes absurd with a playful touch of choreography unfolding.


Concept, Script, Direction, Choreography, Performance: Styliana Apostolou

Cinematography, Editing: Savvas Christou

Music: “Salo Mentale”

Supporting cast: Antreas Fwtiou

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