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13.11.2022 - 11:00


Lia Haraki

Concept, dramaturgy, choreography, song, performance: Lia Haraki

Sound design: Christos Hadjichristou

Set design: Yiorgos Yiannou

Video: Artemis Evlogimenou

Lights: Alexander Jotovic

Technical management: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis

Promotional image: Pavlos Vrionides

Τhe artist uses the condition of the performance as a frame enabling the meeting, the interaction and the coexistence of one’s several bodies. At a time when humanity goes through extreme changes and is under constant nuclear war threats, personal balance seems impossible. Therefore, the work exposes how the post-traumatic body from the pandemic is continuously asked to cope with new challenges that prevent a greatly desired tranquility. The embodiment of the self’s complexity may be the beginning of its acceptance while being, at the same time, a chance for survival.

Lia Haraki (b. 1975 Limassol) is a performer, practitioner and interdisciplinary artist working across performance, choreography, devised theatre, song and what she calls ‘repetitive poetry’. Lia’s performances have been presented in festivals internationally and were two times shortlisted at the Aerowaves EU network. Her practices are taught in Impuls Τanz festival in Vienna amongst other places. In 2014 she presented her solo Tune In at Venice Biennale (Special mention for the Cyprus and Lithuanian Pavilion). Her project The Performance Shop Concept was selected as one of the 25 best dance practices by EDN. She was part of the initiating team for the creation of the dance programme of the University of Nicosia in 2007, and was the initiator of Dance House Lemesos.

facebook : Lia Haraki

Instagram: lia_haraki

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Gray beats my soul 15’ 

Samantha Moysi

Concept, choreography: Samantha Moysi

Dancers: Samantha Moysi, Béatriz Coelho, Victor Mendes

Music: Le Wanski, Nils Frahm

Voice: Constantina Fytrou

Lighting: Alexander Jotovic

Photographer: Victor Mendes

Mentor: Pavlos Kountouriotis

Being young feels like a superpower, an energy vibrating between the body and soul, an endless desire to learn everything. A journey of self-love. However, humans tend to automatically destroy their own creations by sabotaging themselves so that they can rise again from their ashes. I metaphorically use the fact of being young to create the contradiction of destroying our own portraits, just like Dorian Gray. I feel that, after the pandemic, we have become addicted to our phones, admiring our own reflection, turning it into a narcissistic habit. We seek the source of social media immortality emphasizing our outward appearance instead of focusing on our inner growth and that of our close ones.

Samantha Moysi started dancing at Nadia Nikolaidou’s School of Dance and at Limassol Municipal Centre with Lambros Lambrou. She graduated from the National School of Dance in Athens and completed her studies at Ballet Junior de Genève in 2019. In 2020 she began her career as a freelancer, establishing Æther Dance Company together with Carl Crochet in Switzerland and France. To this date, Samantha has presented works by famous choreographers and created her own choreographies titled Nonsense and Isolεment. Alongside dancing, in 2022, Samantha started working as a massage therapist driven by her interest in anatomy and the needs of our body for longevity.

Instagram: Samoses17

Vimeo account:


The Magical Other 20’

Milena Ugren Koulas & Stylish Junkies

Choreographer: Milena Ugren Koulas in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Elena Gavriel, Katerina Tylliridou

Music: Dafni Koulas 

The Magical Other is a little choreographic work that belongs to my ongoing research about how trauma affects people and how traumatic experiences shape the way we think, move, communicate and relate to others. In this piece, we explored, together with the dancers, how unhealed trauma creates a magnetic, destructive and awkward communication between people. A piece about the desperate search for each other to mend the trauma.


Milena Ugren Koulas has been working professionally as a dancer and choreographer for the last 20 years. 

the magical other photo.jpg

The Day After 20’

Harry Koushos

Choreography, performance: Harry Koushos

Dramaturgy, text: Eleni Moleski 

Music, sound design: ECATI

Sculpture: Katerina Mavridi 

Video: Alexandros Papathanasopoulos

Mixing, mastering: Ilias Pantelias

Assistant choreographer: George Dereskos

Photographs: Mary Leonardou


I am searching for the threshold, the entry or exit point, depending on where you are standing. It no longer exists. Only debris. A piece of wall with the children’s names engraved, and next to them their height and date. I try to dust it off to read my own name, but it crumbles. Completely. The dust gets into my lungs and my eyes. I continue. The heat is unbearable.


Harry Koushos was born in 1988 in Cyprus and studied Dance at “Niki Kontaxaki” Higher Private Professional Dance School. As a creator, he has received support from the European Module Dance and Aerowaves programmes. He has presented his works on the main stage of CTO (Cyprus Theatre Organisation), on the main stage of Onassis Cultural Center, and has collaborated with the Greek National Opera, among others. He has also created numerous short dance videos and a dance film. He has given dance lessons at academies, universities, dance studios, festivals, and regularly teaches at ‘Horohronos’ Higher Dance School in Athens. He served as a member of the advisory committee of the Μinistry of Culture for the dance education system in Greece, and as a member of the evaluation committee for higher institution admissions and graduation exams.


Instagram/Vimeo: harrykoushos

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