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The Festive of Contemporary Dance on December 10 to 12 @Rialto Theatre

The 21st Cyprus Choreography Platform is approaching. The thirteen choreographers who participate, together with all the other artists: dancers, playwrights, set designers, musicians, light designers illuminators and others, work intensively to present their new works. Along with them, works the artists-creators of the parallel events of Choreochraphy Platform. The parallel events are organized by Dance House Limassol, under the title "Dance Throughout the Year” and enrich the central program of performances. For another year, dance friends are expected to enjoy interesting performances that will highlight the wealth of creation and inspiration of Cypriot artists with works inspired by existential, social and other issues like covid pandemic. Program of the Performances 10.12 FRIDAY 20:30 Diamanto Hadjizacharia, Would you still love me if I was like this Now that we’ve come closer and started to get to know each other what would you tell me about love? What do you know? Did you love? No? Your eyes say differently... Concept: Diamanto Hadjizacharia Choreography: Diamanto Hadjizacharia in collaboration with Marina Sophocleous Dramaturgy: Demetris Karamanos I Original Music: Alexandra Victoros Costume Designer: Kristia Nektaria Mala I Photography: Pangram Pixels, danaemation Performance: Diamanto Hadjizacharia, Marina Sophocleous Harry Koushos, 98y.o. Harry Koushos along with his collaborators, performs an experiment. He imagines himself being 98 years old and looks back on his life, as it has already happened. What happens when someone reaches the end? … Concept, direction, performance: Harry Koushos Dramaturgy: Eleni Moleski Ι Text: Ody Icon, Eleni Moleski, Harry Koushos Music: ECATI Ι Mix, mastering: Ilias Pantelias Andromachi Dimitriadou Lindahl, Acheiropoietos (Asomates Dynameis) «Acheiropoietos»: a byzantine icon painting term, «the one not made by man’s hand», suggesting that something is made by another kind of creative force… Concept/Choreography /Dance: Andromachi Dimitriadou Lindahl Music composition/Performance: Konstantina Polychronopoulou Video art: Christophoros Larkos I Art Photography: Anthi Kettirou Antonis Antoniou, KTHSIS The two heroines find themselves in an ‘environment’ of seeking their own personal identities. In order to be able to stand rightfully and meaningfully in the face of their values and ideals, they have to face their memories… Choreography: Antonis Antoniou Dramaturgy: Fotis Nicolaou  Choreography Assistant: Rialena Nikodimou  Performers: Gavriela Antonopoulou, Stefania Sotiropoulou  Music composition: Jeph Vanger I Production: Spyros Touliatos I Photography: Vasilis Antoniou  11.12 SATURDAY 20:30 Roza Maria Pantzi, Silent Echo |An Echo of what was [was] [was]|Social Di- sta— n——- cing [social] [social] |Shifting the D-i-stance Maintain 2 meters [two] [one] [zero]|Re-manifesting socialization Choreography: Roza Maria Pantzi Performed by: Pantelina Pantzi, Miranda Tasou, Roza Maria Pantzi Music: Arvo Pärt I Photographer: Pantelitsa Chrysostomou Milena Ugren Koulas, In memory of… In Memory Of… belongs to a wider ongoing research about how trauma affects people and how traumatic experiences shape the way we think, move, communicate and relate to others… Choreographer: Milena Ugren Koulas Dancers: Elena Gavriel, Katerina Tylliridou, Magda Argyridou, Styliana Apostolou Music: George Koulas Maria Gerasimou, UNISON (Dance Group Synthesis) UNISON is the continuation of two or more melodic lines, which move parallel to each other. It is the continuation of two sounds at the same frequency… Choreographer / Dancer:  Maria Gerasimou Idea and Production: Dance Group Synthesis Music Composition: Haris Sophocleous I Percussion Soloist:  Νatasa Hadjiandreou Costumes: Εleni Papavasiliou Sphika  Louiza Avraam, p_INK Ink… A miracle with which mankind captured their thoughts and expressed their feelings. Ink and body. A parallelism, as if poetry and painting were in motion… Choreographer / Dancer: Louiza Avraam Composer: Marc Strobel Video artist: Laura Elias I Costume design: Katharina Ruprecht Maria Kasapi, To xorkon mou Monilia Village. Monilia Monilia is a remote village. Monilia village is unlike any other village… Choreographer: Maria Kasapi Performers: Elisavet Panagiotou, Belinda Xanthi Papavasiliou, Annie Khoury, Panagiota Nicolaou Dramaturgy: Pavlos-Vasilios Kountouriotis I Narrator: Nayia T. Karakosta Screenwriter: Maria Kasapi, Nayia T. Karakosta I Photographer: Nikolas Georgiou 12.12 SUNDAY 20:30 Andria Michaelidou, Metaplasia ‘Medusa’ (medusa): Greek mythological being. Zoology: almost transparent invertebrate, a Scyphozoa species that lives in the sea. When the medusa grows and matures, it becomes biologically immortal. The medusa's immortality is due to the process of Metaplasia… Idea/Choreography: Andria Michaelidou Stage construction/Scenography: Eva Korae, Makers Will Make Dancers: Arianna Markoulides, Julia Anna Brendle Sound Editing: Giouri Do (Nicolas Ntimas Music Production) Lighting: Aleksandar Jotovic I Costumes: Eleni Papavasiliou I Mentor: Pavlos Kountouriotis Annie Khoury, ΝΟΝ_BINARY PRΟJΕCT 01001110 01000010 Does ‘free will’ exist? How many versions does a caress have? A performance? What does ‘desire’ mean in 2021? Let existence be called Existence and love No fear. NON BINARY PROJECT is electronic, almost auto-generated and fabulously raw… Choreography/Text: Annie Khoury Performance: Panayiotis Tofi, Annie Khoury Video Art: Angelos Charalambous I Set Designer Assistant: Kyriacos Theocharous Hamilton Monteiro, Parcae The project negotiates the futility of human plans and programming. Choreography: Hamilton Monteiro Dramaturgy: Fotini Perdikaki Set construction: Valentine Joseph Dancers: Vicky Calla, Eva Mesi and Lola Konstantinidou Panos Malactos, Sadboi (Panos Malactos and Elias Adam) Sadboi likes his suffering raw. He is gay, horny, heartbroken, and extremely peaceful. He instagrams, therefore he exists. Panos Malactos’ new dance solo, directed and written by Elias Adam, is an auto-fictional portrait of a sadboi dancer… Choreography and performance: Panos Malactos Direction and dramaturgy: Elias Adam Costumes: Miguel Peñaranda Olmeda I Visuals: Sita Messer Music: Lynks, Eric Prydz, Lulu Be I Hair design: Nickys Hair Art Organised by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, and Rialto Theatre. In collaboration with Dance House Lemesos Media Sponsors: Fileleftheros Newspaper, Active 107,4, Cybc Supported by Limassol Municipality, Lemesos Newspaper, Lemesos Blog, Limassol Today, Vestnik Kipra and ETAL. Awarded by EFFE Label 2019 – 2021 Tickets € 8 / € 15 (3 days pass) Free entrance for choreographers & dancers (Seat reservation essential) Information / Reservation: 77 77 77 45 E-ticket: F/B & IG Cyprus Choregraphy Platform


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