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A fascinating journey to the world of contemporary dance: 12 new projects!

The 23rd Cyprus Choreography Platform is set to take place between 10 and 12 November 2023 at the Rialto Theatre. All participants —choreographers, dancers, dramaturgs, set and light designers, musicians and other creatives— are diligently working to co-create new choreographic projects. Their objective is to highlight the wealth of creativity and inspiration of Cypriot artists by presenting works drawing on existential and social issues.

PROGRAMME - FRIDAY 10/11, 20:30

Chameleon – Amfidromo Chorotheatro Elena Christodoulidou

A fragile body explores its limits. Adapting to the ever-changing light-soundscape, the movements fit perfectly into the surrounding stillness, and are born and die within it. Whatever constitutes the “chameleon effect” defines the nature of maximum adaptability.

Choreographer: Elena Christodoulidou

Dancer: Maria Masonou

Music: Haris Sophocleous, Costumes: Fani Mouzaki, Eleni Ioannou

Visual: Alexandros Demetriou, Facebook: Amfidromo Chorotheatro Elena Christodoulidou

Instagram: Amfidromo Chorotheatro

Match Point – Melina Ioannidou

Tennis has been a big chapter of my life since, during my adolescence, I held second place in the ranking order in Cyprus in several championships. The challenge was to combine the movement material of the two disciplines in a contemporary way with a humouristic approach, in contrast to the extremely stressful reality of a match point…

Concept/Choreography: Melina Ioannidou

Dancers: Bianca Casaburi, Paola Savvidou, Julie Charalambidou, Melina Ioannidou

Music score: Bianca Casaburi & Blendi. Dramaturgy: Natasa Georgiou

Mentoring: Christos Polymenakos

Dead Mouse – Milena Ugren Koulas

In extreme life-threatening situations, if fighting or fleeing is impossible, the last biological and instinctual survival strategy is a complete collapse of muscles and energy, or immobility and paralysis known as “playing dead”. This biological and instinctual response reduces the fear and pain to limit the suffering, or if the opportunity occurs, creates the capability to fight or flee.

Choreographer: Milena Ugren Koulas

Dancers: Apollo Anastasiades, Christopher Mills

Music: George Koulas, Dafni Koulas

Coming of – Annie Khoury

A playful ritual of re-approaching pleasure and togetherness, the work Coming of suggests joy as a means of reclaiming the body and visits trauma on the axis of the present and its potential.

We may keep falling


let's go up.

Choreographer: Annie Khoury

Dancers: Viky Kalla, Ioli Kaskani, Annie Khoury

Main Music Composition: Kasska


What a perfect world - Olga Markari

This piece takes place in two worlds: the real world and the artificial one. In our fast-developing world, where technology has enormously improved the quality of our lives and facilitated our way of living, it has, at the same time, isolated people and alienated the individual. This piece explores the danger of the temporary pleasure we create in a world that does not exist…

Choreographer: Olga Markari

Dancer: Daniel Agudo Gallardo

Video: Miłosz Budzyński

a dance for the end of the world – Diamanto Hadjizacharia

It’s the end of the world and I’m dancing in a basement / I walk the streets at dawn / everyone is a friend on a Sunday morning / it’s the end of the world. I can wait / I expect nothing / less than everything / it’s the end of the world and I haven’t managed to finish a single book / I’m still texting / it’s the end of the world and I’m getting nowhere…

Choreography: Diamanto Hadjizacharia

Performance: Areti Chourdaki, Elina Karacosta, Julie Charalambidou

Assistant Choreographer: Marita Anastasi, Original Music Composition: Marcos Shukuroglou

Photos: Andreas Nikolaou @diamantohz

Bubble Consumer – Ioannis Economides

An endless battle for the most expensive, the most “golden”, the most popular, the shiniest, the most brilliant object that will gradually alter man’s moral boundaries and values. Is there any room for him to resist, to save himself? Will he be able to turn his gaze to those things that matter or will he be a lost man?

Choreographer: Ioannis Economides

Dancers: Anna Nicolaou, Ioannis Economides

Music Composer: Mike Nicolaou, Costume/Set Designer: Sosanna Tomazou

Text: Ioannis Economides, Photographer/Trailer: Constantinos Tsiakkas

Choreographer’s Advisor: Fotis Nicolaou, Dramaturg: Spyros Polymenakos

Mon Otage – Panayiotis Tofi

A boy, born in a land of light, erroneously fails to realise the existence of other people while growing up. Years later, when coming across with the meaning of the word ‘alone’, he decides, in a rather surreal and peculiar way, to claim and secure the long-delayed attention, care and love he has been missing.

Concept, Choreography, Performance: Panayiotis Tofi

Live Music Composition: Andreas Economides

Text: Panayiotis Tofi, French Translation: Popi Kontolemi

Costume Design: Rea Olympiou

Lighting Design: Panagiotis Manousis, Photography: Theodora Iacovou

PROGRAMME - SUNDAY 12/11, 20:30

Embodied Practice by Twelve - Alexandra Waierstall (The performance contains nudity)

A work about the meeting of 9 dancers and 3 lighting bodies. Together, they will create a work based on the choreographic scores of the choreographer, a work for the Cypriot audience where everyone present is invited to create a temporary space for their own emergence. An invitation where sound and silence, movement and stillness invite us to contemplate…

Choreography / Conception: Alexandra Waierstall

Performers: Elena Agathokleous, Elena Gavriel, Rania Glymitsa, Petros Konnaris, Arianna Marcoulides, Ioanna Paraskevopoulou, Karolina Szymura, Will Thomson, Ying Yun Chen

Music: Volker Bertelmann, Stavros Gasparatos, Sound arrangement: Alexandra Waierstall

Technical support: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis

The Burden - Sotirios Panagoulias

Sometimes it seems incomprehensible, immense, heavy, ingrained in your own skin. A burden you can’t get rid of. You carry it like an overcoat. Except when you go home you can’t hang it in the closet. It has its own body, occasionally it changes shape. But its weight always remains the same. And if you asked for help, did it get lighter?

Choreography & Performance: Sotirios Panagoulias

Costume: Sotirios Panagoulias, Eleni Papavasiliou Sphika

Mentor: Christos Polymenakos

We All Need Therapy - Panos Malactos (16+)

Axing around the vast thematic of mental health, Panos Malactos creates his new piece drawing inspiration from his own personal journey through trauma, acceptance and healing. Like life, We All Need Therapy is a state of fun, admission, (self)care, stress but also sharing.

Choreography: Panos Malactos

Performance: Panos Malactos, Die Arkitekt

Music Production: Die Arkitekt, Dramaturgy: Ody Icons

Lighting: Vasilis Petinaris, Costumes: Orestis Lazouras

Facebook: Panos Malactos Dance, Instagram: @panosmalactosdance

Instructions in italics - Harry Koushos

Life is a series of exits and entrances... and the meaning of this constant flow -if there is any at all- is only in the hands of the one who is watching… The instructions that are displayed and reveal an “omnipotent” creator make the game not so realistic and not so innocent either.

Concept, choreography: Harry Koushos

Performers: Evangelia Randou, Harry Koushos

Dramaturgy, Text: Eleni Moleski, Music: ECATI

Video: Alexandros Papathanasopoulos,

Artwork: Panagiotis Klouvas

Instagram/Vimeo: harrykoushos

Organized by: Department of Modern and Contemporary Culture & Rialto Theatre

In collaboration with Dance House Lemesos

Media Sponsors: Phileleftheros, CyBC

Hospitality Sponsor: NYX Hotels

Supporters: Limassol Municipality, Organisation for European Programmes & Cultural Relations, Efimerida Lemesos, Limassol Today, Vestnik Kipra, Lemesos Blog, Limassol Tourism Board, Art Studio 55.

For news and updates,

F/B, IG & Vimeo: Cyprus Choreography Platform

Tickets: €8 Daily (€15 Festival pass)

Free entrance for choreographers & dancers (Booking in advance is required).

Information & Tickets: 77 77 77 45

Box Office opening hours: (Mon-Fri 10:00-15:00 and 90’ prior to the performances).


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