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Cyprus Choreography Platform celebrates 20 creative years!

The “Cyprus Choreography Platform” from 2001 to 2020 dozens of choreographers, hundreds of dancers and other artists, participate and create over 200 performances!

Across all these years Platform contributed greatly to the development and promotion of contemporary dance in our country. The organizers have always aspired to provide choreographers active in Cyprus with opportunities to experiment with new forms of expression and create new projects.

The 1st Contemporary Dance Platform took place at the Falcon School Theatre in Nicosia. It has since been taking place at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol which has been co-organizing the Platform, together with the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. The five first Platforms were competitive, offering a 1st and 2nd prize, as well as special mentions. In 2007, an effort to enrich the Platform was initiated with the organization of parallel events, such as a photo exhibition and screenings of dance performances. The effort to further develop the Platform continued in 2008 and for the first time, the parallel programme “Dance Throughout the Year” was presented at Dance House Lemesos, which started to actively participate in the organization of the Platform.

2019 marked the beginning of a new era for the Platform, which has been renamed “Cyprus Choreography Platform”, includes broader categories of participants and launched the “Young Choreographer Award”.

In 2020 edition, 12 established and younger choreographers collaborate with a large number of artists - dancers, set designers, musicians, light designers etc. - aiming at a more complete and original presence. Away from strict forms, highlighting the expressive dance in various ways and modern forms, the performers show the evolution of contemporary dance in our country.

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