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Day 3 / 12.11.2023 / Sunday

Embodied Practice by Twelve 25’

The performance contains nudity.

A work about the meeting of 9 dancers and 3 lighting bodies. Together, they will create a work based on the choreographic scores of the choreographer, a work for the Cypriot audience where everyone present is invited to create a temporary space for their own emergence. An invitation where sound and silence, movement and stillness invite us to contemplate the adventurous movement of movement, the sound of sound and to approach experience through the reorganisation of space and sensory qualities where movement negotiates the thresholds of consciousness, with moments of densification of space and the bodies that inhabit it.

Choreography / Conception: Alexandra Waierstall

Performers: Elena Agathokleous, Elena Gavriel, Rania Glymitsa, Petros Konnaris, Arianna Marcoulides, Ioanna Paraskevopoulou, Karolina Szymura, Will Thomson, Ying Yun Chen

Music: Volker Bertelmann, Stavros Gasparatos

Sound arrangement: Alexandra Waierstall

Technical support: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis

Lighting design: Panagiotis Manousis, Alexandra Waierstall

Alexandra -Embodied practice by twelve photo Evagoras Vanezis.jpg

Alexandra Waierstall


Alexandra Waierstall is a Cypriot artist-choreographer based in Düsseldorf. She holds an MA in Choreography from Artez, the Netherlands.
She has presented her works at Musée du Louvre - FIAC (Paris), Sadler's Wells (London), Dansenshus Oslo (Oslo), Julidans (Amsterdam), Mousonturm (Frankfurt), Crossing Festival (Beijing), Fringe Festival (Shanghai), International Festival (Seoul), Senselab (Montreal), Dansenshus Stockholm Stockholm (Stockholm), Forum Mundial (São Paulo), Kunsthalle Mannheim (Mannheim),
Bauhaus Museum (Dessau) etc. In 2023/2024 she will be presenting her new work Momentum in collaboration with artist Rita McBride at Dia Beacon in New York.


The Burden 15’


Sometimes it seems incomprehensible, immense, heavy, ingrained in your own skin. A burden you can’t get rid of. You carry it like an overcoat. Except when you go home you can’t hang it in the closet. It has its own body, occasionally it changes shape. But its weight always remains the same. And if you asked for help, did it get lighter? Maybe for a while, until it gets strong again to remind you that it’s still there. 


In the piece The Burden, depression and anxiety take material form in the shape of a historical costume. A heavy object that makes you cumbersome and that you must learn to manage.

Choreography & Performance: Sotirios Panagoulias


Henry Purcell, March from “Music for the funeral of Queen Mary”

Henry Purcell, Dido’s Lament, Andreas Scholl

Baby Weight (feat Jesse Fields) Slay 4 Me

David Orlowsky and David Bergmüller,

Dido’s Lament arr. for Clarinet and Lute

Costume: Sotirios Panagoulias, Eleni Papavasiliou Sphika

Lighting: Alexander Jotovic

Mentoring: Christos Polymenakos

Sot Panagoulias The Burden1.jpg

Sotirios Panagoulias


Sotirios Panagoulias started training in Dance at the Limassol Municipal Dance Centre. They continued training at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland graduating with a BA in Modern Ballet. Following Scottish Ballet’s tour of Cinderella, they worked as a cover dancer for Scottish Opera. Later, Sotirios worked with Ballet Prague Junior, Prague Chamber Ballet and South Bohemian Ballet. There, they had the chance to dance a wide range of repertoire, from classical ballet to contemporary, opera and musical theatre. Sotirios graduated with a master’s degree in Cultural Policy and Development. Currently, Sotirios is a Lecturer in Ballet at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, is a member of the department of Dance Science and Education at the University of Edinburgh and is collaborating with the Engagement Team of Scottish Ballet.

We All Need Therapy 20’

Suitable only for 16+


Axing around the vast thematic of mental health, Panos Malactos creates his new piece drawing inspiration from his own personal journey through trauma, acceptance and healing. Like life, We All Need Therapy is a state of fun, admission, (self)care, stress but also sharing. Panos dives into Die Arkitekt’s music universe, searching for peace and relief in the darkest colours. They co-exist on stage to deliver and question this bold statement: “We All Need Therapy”. Blurring the lines between dance, performance, theatre, rave, confession and group therapy, this multidimensional, performative yet unpredictable experience explores the vast depths of human emotions, exposing the viewer to the rawness of the western contemporary human state of being. This is the first version of the show, which will evolve as a new production of Onassis Stegi and will be presented next February at Onassis Dance Days 2024.

Choreography: Panos Malactos

Performance: Panos Malactos, Die Arkitekt

Music Production: Die Arkitekt

Dramaturgy: Ody Icons

Lighting: Vasilis Petinaris

Costumes: Orestis Lazouras

Production Management: TOOFAREAST

Produced by: Onassis Stegi/Onassis Dance Days 2024


Supported by the Onassis Stegi “Outward Turn” Cultural Export Programme.

Panos We All Need Therapy .JPG

Panos Malactos


Panos Malactos has been working with the Belgian dance and theatre company Peeping Tom since 2020. He studied Musical Theatre at Bird College, London and subsequently received his degree in Ballet and Contemporary Dance from the Rambert School. In 2019 he participated in a collaboration between the Festspielhaus St. Pölten of Austria and Batsheva Dance Company of Israel, performing Deca Dance by Ohad Naharin and Ballroom by Shahar Binyamini. He has also worked with Fresco Dance Company (Israel), KENZO Paris (France), Compagnie Tabea Martin (Switzerland), Liliana Barros (Germany), Emma Evelein (Netherlands) and Jason Mabana (UK). His works have travelled to New Zealand and across Europe. Panos is currently touring with his solo projects, SADBOI and Hire me, Please.


Facebook: Panos Malactos Dance

Instagram: @panosmalactosdance

 Instructions in italics 20'


“All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances.”

As you like it, Shakespeare 

Act 2, Seven 7


Life is a series of exits and entrances... and the meaning of this constant flow -if there is any at all- is only in the hands of the one who is watching. This game is played by the two performers (Evangelia Radou and Haris Kousios) in Harry Koushos’ new work titled Instructions in italics. The instructions that are displayed and reveal an “omnipotent” creator make the game not so realistic and not so innocent either. What begins as a trivial everyday life in its repetition takes on other dimensions beyond the limits of logic and the theatrical stage, and what begins as a creator's stage instruction becomes a desperate confrontation of the creator with reality and its limitations.

Concept, choreography: Harry Koushos

Performers: Evangelia Randou, Harry Koushos

Dramaturgy, Text: Eleni Moleski 

Music: ECATI 

Video: Alexandros Papathanasopoulos 

Artwork: Panagiotis Klouvas

Harry Khousios.jpg

Harry Koushos


Harry Koushos is a multidisciplinary artist coming from the field of dance. He was born in Cyprus in 1988 and has been based in Athens since 2006. He danced and presented his choreographic and film work in Europe, US and Asia. 

Instagram / vimeo: harrykoushos

Dead Mouse 15’


In extreme life-threatening situations, if fighting or fleeing is impossible, the last biological and instinctual survival strategy is a complete collapse of muscles and energy, or immobility and paralysis known as “playing dead”. This biological and instinctual response reduces the fear and pain to limit the suffering, or if the opportunity occurs, creates the capability to fight or flee. In the case of survival, there are different factors and actions that can help prevent post-traumatic stress disorder and help develop resilience. One of them is love and proper support from another person.


The choreographic work Dead Mouse belongs to much larger research on trauma and resilience that the choreographer has been conducting for the last five years together with dancers she collaborates with, as well as with the Stylish Junkies team.

Choreographer: Milena Ugren Koulas

Dancers: Apollo Anastasiades, Christopher Mills

Music: George Koulas, Dafni Koulas

Milena DEAD MOUSE pic.jpg

Milena Ugren Koulas


Milena Ugren Koulas was born in 1979 in former Yugoslavia. She graduated from Codarts University of Arts in Rotterdam in 2003, and in 2019 from COMMA Master Choreography in Holland, where she was also a guest choreographer and guest teacher. For the last 20 years, she has been living and working in Cyprus as a professional dancer and choreographer. In collaboration with her husband, drummer, George Koulas, and for the last couple of years with her Stylish Junkies team, Milena has been creating and performing in Cyprus and in Europe. Together with the Stylish Junkies team, Milena has been organising workshops and classes for professional dancers in Cyprus. 

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