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Day 3 / 12.12.2021 / Sunday


Andria Michaelidou

‘Medusa’ (medusa): Greek mythological being. 

Zoology: almost transparent invertebrate, a Scyphozoa species that lives in the sea. 

When the medusa grows and matures, it becomes biologically immortal. The medusa's immortality is due to the process of Metaplasia, according to which the cells completely reshape and regenerate their entire body over and over again. Metaplasia is used by the medusa as an emergency means in cases it perceives isolation, threat, injury, risk of starvation. When it matures again, the medusa is genetically identical to the previous one. Its life cycle can be repeated indefinitely. Medusa can be anyone who is rejected or isolated from the crowd. When the period of isolation and confinement ends, then the dynamic period of one’s rebirth and “Metaplasia” begins.   


Idea/Choreography: Andria Michaelidou 

Stage construction/Scenography: Eva Korae, Makers Will Make  

Dancers: Arianna Markoulides, Julia Anna Brendle 

Sound Editing: Giouri Do (Nicolas Ntimas Music Production) 

Lighting: Aleksandar Jotovic 

Costumes: Eleni Papavasiliou 

Mentor: Pavlos Kountouriotis 

Promotion image editing: Andria Michaelidou 

Special thanks to everyone that took part in any way and helped in the creation of this work. 

Andria Michaelidou was born in Limassol in 1995. She graduated from the University of Nicosia with BA in Dance. She continued her training with the Carabdanza contemporary dance company in Madrid. As a dancer, she has collaborated with Gonzalo Diaz, Jessica Russo, Laura Ginatempo, Fredo Belda, Milena Ugren Koulas, Evi Panagiotou and Lia Haraki. As a choreographer, she has presented her own works at theatres and dance festivals. Additionally, her work ISOLATION, received the New Choreographer of the Year 2020 award for the 20th edition of the Cyprus Choreography Platform, and was nominated for the ‘Excellence in Performance’ Award at the STOFF Fringe Festival 2021. 

andria michaelidou ok.jpg

ΝΟΝ_BINARY PRΟJΕCT 01001110 01000010

Annie Khoury

Does ‘free will’ exist? How many versions does a caress have? A performance? What does ‘desire’ mean in 2021? Let existence be called Existence and love No fear. 


NON BINARY PROJECT is electronic, almost auto-generated and fabulously raw. It’s a dance performance or a theatre performance, a soirée of surrealistic poetry, a confession or a gymnastics class, all of these and at the same time something new –nonbinary. A dark party with strass, where art forms are let to be freely interlaced on the dancefloor. The team, working with a set vocabulary of mediums and body tools (movement, text, music, voice, props, videos), has to repeatedly recompose the performance(synthiki), in a  synthetic game of endless versions. 


During the performance music excerpts from works of Ryo Kawasaki, Modèle Mécanique, No_4mat, Cerrone, Occams Laser will be used. 


Choreography/Text  Annie Khoury 

Performance    Panayiotis Tofi, Annie Khoury 

Video Art    Angelos Charalambous  

Set Designer Assistant      Kyriacos Theocharous 

Annie Khoury studied drama at the Drama School of the National Theatre of Northern Greece (2013-16) and then received short-term training on film, contemporary dance and dancetherapy. Her work combines original text and choreography, creating performances inbetween the art fields (dance, theatre, visual arts). Inspired by a variety of materials, tools and mediums, she is exploring the revisiting of the senses and the contemporary form of the ancient triptych ‘Movement-Poetry-Music’. She is also facilitating theatre, movement research and dancetherapy workshops. She has collaborated with artists such as Ariana Economou - ‘’Compton Mackenzie & Promitheos’’ (2021) (performer/dancer), Aliki Danezi-Knutsen ‘Medea΄΄ International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama (2021) (actress), Petros Konnaris – ‘’Performing Silence’’ (2021) (performer), Leandros Taliotis – ‘’The taming of the shrew’’ (2020) (actress), Lia Haraki – ‘’MAZI’’ , Kypria International Festival (2019)(dancer). 

annie chouri.jpg


Hamilton Monteiro

The project negotiates the futility of human plans and programming.  

Choreography: Hamilton Monteiro  

Dramaturgy: Fotini Perdikaki  

Set construction: Valentine Joseph  

Dancers: Vicky Calla, Eva Mesi and Lola Konstantinidou 

Hamilton Monteiro was born in Cape Verde, Africa in 1971. Former holder of a scholarship of the A. Onassis Foundation in New York (2000-2003). He graduated from Athens State School of Orchestral Art in 1996. He taught at the University of Leu from 2013 to 2019. He is a dance teacher and dancer. He has been living and working in Limassol since 2013.



Panos Malactos and Elias Adam

Sadboi likes his suffering raw. He is gay, horny, heartbroken, and extremely peaceful. He instagrams, therefore he exists. 


Panos Malactos’ new dance solo, directed and written by Elias Adam, is an auto-fictional portrait of a sadboi dancer. The show aims for an ambiguous and complex narration, with references to the internet culture (social media, memes, dating apps) and the sub-culture of e-kids.  


If love songs are dumb, wait till you hear this one. How many fire reactions will this get? The admins of this show are searching for validation. 

Choreography and performance: Panos Malactos 

Direction and dramaturgy: Elias Adam 

Costumes: Miguel Peñaranda Olmeda 

Visuals: Sita Messer  

Music: Lynks, Eric Prydz, Lulu Be 

Hair design: Nickys Hair Art 

As a dancer, Panos Malactos is currently working with Peeping Tom in Belgium for the Triptych: The missing door, The lost room and The hidden floor, as well as with  Compagnie Tabea Martin in Switzerland for Nothing Left. His latest solo Hire me, please, received the New Choreographer Award at the Cyprus Choreography Platform 2019 and got selected to participate in Stockholm Fringe Festival, ACT Festival, The Gender House Festival, Machol Shalem Festival and Gdanski Festiwal Tanca. 

Elias Adam is a director, dramaturg and performer. He studied at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Law School and Karolos Koun Art Theater. His works have been presented in Greece, Cyprus and Germany. He has collaborated with the National Theater of Greece (The End of Eddy), Onassis Stegi (Erotic Postcards from Greece, We are in the army now, Kivotos Channel, Hamlet, a desktop performance), the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr (Masculinity in crisis) and other institutions. In 2019, he was invited to take part in the Theatertreffen Internationales Forum (Berliner Festspiele). 

panos malactos 0k.jpeg
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