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Day 3 / 8.11.2020 / Sunday


‘Medusa’ (jellyfish) a female Greek Mythological being.
In zoology: an almost transparent animal without vertebrae, a Scyphozoa species that lives in the sea.
In Greek Mythology, Medusa is portrayed as a mermaid of monstrous form. It had the body and head of a woman and snakes for hair. Whoever saw her was stoned by fear. Usually, its contact is painful for humans.
The piece is called Meduses and consists of several parts. The choreographer will present the part titled Isolation. Isolation is a solo based on the reflection of the powerful female symbol of Medusa that has been doomed to isolation. At the same time, it is based on the myth and its various associations in our contemporary life. Medusa can be anyone who is rejected, one who is isolated from the crowd as a foreign body.
Andria Michaelidou was born in Limassol in 1995. She graduated from the University of Nicosia with a BA in Dance and continued her training in Madrid at Carabdanza Dance Company. There, she choreographed her first piece, Trilogia. She also performed for choreographers Gonzalo Diaz, Jessica Russo, Laura Ginatempo, Fredo Belda, Evi Panayiotou, Milena Ugren Koulas and Lia Haraki. As a choreographer, Andria has presented her work Transfigurations at the 16th Summer Dance Festival 2019, which was selected to participate in the 29th Quinzena de Dance de Almada, International Dance Festival in Portugal in 2021. The experimental video (IN)VISIBLE was presented at the No Body/Moving On Festival 2018, in the parallel events ‘Dance Throughout the Year’ 2019 and was selected to participate in the Inshort film festival 2018 at Nigeria’s Goethe-Institut. In 2020 Andria choreographed a new work titled Private Kingdom, for the 17th Summer Dance Festival by Nea Kinisi.
Idea, Choreographer: Andria Michaelidou
Stage construction & set design: Eva Korae, Makers will Make
Dancer: Arianna Markoulides
Sound Editing: Giouri Do (Nicolas Ntimas Music Production)
Lighting Designer: Aleksandar Jotovic
Costume Designer: Eleni Papavasiliou
Mentor: Pavlos Kountouriotis
Promotional Image: Eva Korae
Running time: 15’
Special thanks to Eleana Alexandrou and to everyone that took part in any way, helping me in the creation of this work.
Sponsor: Department of Mutlimedia and Graphic Arts, Cyprus University of Technology.

isolation1 (1).jpg


As she floats she disappears, attacks and leaves a cloud of ink.  
Sepia - One of the most developed creatures of the sea whose ink has become a remedy to balance female hormonal imbalances and to liberate suppressed passive femininity.  
Can she escape the shell of the domestic oyster and unite female, male and other forces within her diverse body?  
Julia Brendle studied at the Palucca-School and at Codarts University/Rotterdam (BA). She graduated from the FU Berlin with an MA in Dance Studies where she is recently enrolled as a PhD candidate. She gained her professional experience with different international choreographers and companies. Since 2010 she has been living and working in Cyprus and has been part of the Cypriot dance scene ever since, working with various Cypriot choreographers. Julia has been creating her own choreographic works since 2011 which have been presented in international theatres and festivals. Her work within and between created for the Cyprus Choreography Platform in 2015, was invited to participate in the following festivals: Zawirowania (Warsaw), Baltic Dance Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania), at the European Dance Festival and at the Buffer Fringe Festival in Cyprus. Since 2010, she has been working as a part-time lecturer at the University of Nicosia teaching dance and dance theory.
Concept, choreography, performance: Julia Anna Brendle
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Music editing, sound: Andreas Rodosthenous
Light design: Alexander Jotovic
Photo: Otto Röckle
Special thanks to Maria Kyriakou and Marios Konstantinou.  
Running time: 15’

Julia platform Sepia-1.jpg


A body in an orgasmic display of everything that makes it “alive”.  
Harry Koushos was born in 1988 in Cyprus of refugee parents and he lived in the south part of the old city of Lefkosia until the age of 17. He moved to Athens in 2006 to study dance, and since 2011 he has been traveling around the world to dance, choreograph, teach, meet other cultures and cultured people.
Choreographer: Harry Koushos
Dancer: Georgios Kotsifakis
Dramaturg: Eleni Moleski
The sound design of the performance includes Johann Sebastian Bach’s work, The Goldberg Variations.
Photo: Odysseas I. Konstantinou
Running time: 25’



In this piece, I tried to distance the choreography from any story, message or opinion. Instead, I focused on the emotional and technical execution of the movement consequently giving a chance for movement to obtain its meaning and purpose without the disturbance of my personal ideas or opinions. Working only on movement dynamics, intensities, and rhythms, a space for the expression of different subconscious emotions and images without any pre-thought narrative was created. I hope Quiet Words will give space to the audience to relate with the performance from their own personal opinions, experiences and emotions, consequently giving a chance for movement to have its own voice.
Milena Ugren Koulas graduated from Codarts University of Arts in Rotterdam and recently from COMMA Master Choreography (Codarts and Fontys joint degree) in the Netherlands.  For the last 16 years, she has been living in Cyprus and collaborating with her husband, drummer, George Koulas. Together they performed in numerous theatres and venues in Cyprus and also presented their work abroad in Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and Holland. In 2019/20 Milena was a guest choreographer at Codarts University in Holland, Ballet School in Novi Sad in Serbia and a guest teacher at COMMA Master Choreography in Holland. Parallel to her choreographic work, she has been performing in many productions created by other choreographers in Cyprus and abroad.
Choreographer: Milena Ugren Koulas
Dancers: Eleni O’Keefe, Elena Gavriel, Katerina Tylliridou, Milena Ugren Koulas
Music: George Koulas in collaboration with Marios Takoushis.
Costumes: Ase Sandnes
Many thanks to Evi Panagiotou and Nadina Loizidou
Running time: 15’

quiet words.jpg
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