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Day 2 / 11.12.2021 / Saturday

Silent Echo

Roza Maria Pantzi

|An Echo of what was [was] [was] 

     |Social Di- sta— n——- cing [social] [social] 

|Shifting the D-i-stance  

| \                  /\           

|  \               /    \           

|Maintain 2 meters [two] [one] [zero] 

|     \         /    \                       

|       \     /      \            /                   

        |Re-manifesting socialization 

                      \/                    \      / 

            | [re] [re] [re]sisting the 2 meters 

[resisting] [resisting]            /  \                   

           |  Remnants of resisting [resting][ring] [ ] []  

                                                       /   \              

 | Isolation is mandatory \ [iso-tory] [iso-tory] 

                   \       /                

 |A Silent Echo                       \   /                  


The following story has been divided into episodes… as was the year 2020. 


Title: Silent Echo 

Choreography: Roza Maria Pantzi 

Performed by: Pantelina Pantzi, Miranda Tasou, Roza Maria Pantzi 

Music: Arvo Pärt 

Photographer: Pantelitsa Chrysostomou 

Duration: 11’ 


Roza Maria Pantzi was born in 1991 in Larnaca. She graduated from the University of Nicosia in 2013. In 2014, Roza took part in Prometheus Bound, directed by Andreas Pantzis for Kypria Festival. In 2015 and 2017 Roza performed at Platform Dance Festival, for choreographers Alexia Nicolaou and Alexander Michael. In 2016, she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Choreography from the University of Bedfordshire. The following years (2017-2021) she choreographed various plays for Theatro Skala such as The Star-born Child, which was presented at the Theatre Festival of Siberia and many more. In 2018, Roza choreographed Co-non-Ordination at Nobody festival Move 5. In 2019, she performed and choreographed the one act play Lady Lazarus re-invented, for the One Act Festival at Rialto Theatre.  

rozmarie pantzi3.jpeg

In Memory Of…

Milena Ugren Koulas 

In Memory Of… is a small choreographic work that belongs to my wider ongoing research about how trauma affects people and how traumatic experiences shape the way we think, move, communicate and relate to others. In this piece, I explored in collaboration with the dancers some scientific studies about trauma in an abstract and physical way. The tension of movement in the choreography, transitions between movement and how we relate to each other were all influenced by the information regarding what trauma is.  For the next choreographic work on this topic, I would like to explore more the way trauma affects our perception of time. 

Choreographer: Milena Ugren Koulas 

Dancers: Elena Gavriel, Katerina Tylliridou, Magda Argyridou, Styliana Apostolou 

Music: George Koulas 

Milena Ugren Koulas has been creating and collaborating with her husband musician George Koulas for the past 18 years. They have showcased their work in many European countries including Serbia, Greece, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, and Turkey. Since 2020, Milena has been a guest teacher at Codarts Academy for the COMMA Master Choreography programme. For the last couple of years, she has been closely collaborating with dancers Elena Gavriel, Eleni O’Keefe, Katerina Tylliridou and Magda Argyridou, working on developing a movement technique titled Alone with Others. Recently, Styliana Apostolou also joined their research team. Through different kinds of participation and involvement, more than 100 Cypriot-based and international professional dancers and students also contributed to the development of this technique. 

milena ugren koulas.jpg


Maria Gerasimou / Dance Group Synthesis

UNISON is the continuation of two or more melodic lines, which move parallel to each other. It is the continuation of two sounds at the same frequency. 


UNISON is the first part of a trilogy, which deals with and processes the history of my existence, my roots, myself, the voices, the memories, the sounds, the ups and downs, the colours, the textures, but most importantly, where, which, how much, how and after. 


UNISON is the continuation of all this focused on me, on one, on my entity, on my identity… 


Our roots are our strength, our identity and our difference. 


“Having roots is perhaps the most important and most unrecognized need of the human soul.” (Simone Veil, 1909-1943, French philosopher) 


“If you don’t know your history, then you don’t know anything. You are like a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree.” (Michael Crichton, 1942-2008, American author) 


This part of the trilogy is identified with myself and own life. My diversity, the denial, but even the acceptance of this difference. 


Growing up and experiencing difficult situations, made it difficult for me to love, accept and wonder about who I am. This denial and non-acceptance of the different has always been part of my life. 


Whether that difference was the colour, the race, the culture, the choices of life, of my dreams. Not being given opportunities to share your own different reality. Your own identification. 

Choreographer:  Maria Gerasimou 

Dancer: Maria Gerasimou 

Idea and Production: Dance Group Synthesis  

Music Composition: Haris Sophocleous 

Percussion Soloist:  Νatasa Hadjiandreou 

Costumes: Εleni Papavasiliou Sphika  


Maria Gerasimou was born in Cyprus in 1996. She began her dance training at Dance Frosso Hadjigeorgiou. Maria was part of the Dance Cyprus Junior Company. She participated at YAGP Finals, and received Scholarships for The Ailey School and the Bolshoi Ballet. In 2013, at YAGP Semi Finals she was selected amongst the top 12 dancers. She also participated in the Pancyprian Ballet Competition in 2010 winning the 1st place (Junior category), also winning, in 2013, the 1st place (Senior category). Maria is the recipient of full scholarships at Chateau-roux, The CapeSchool and Alonzo King LINES Ballet. In 2014 she began her studies at The Ailey School, after receiving full scholarship. Maria has performed for well-known choreographers, such as Dwight Rhoden, Desmond Richardson, Jae Man Joo, Judine Sommerville, Carmen Rozenstraten, Davide Bombana and Fotis Nicolaou. She joined Complexions Contemporary Ballet Company in 2016 as a Soloist Artist.  

maria gerasimou2.JPG


Louiza Avraam

Ink… A miracle with which mankind captured their thoughts and expressed their feelings. Ink and body. A parallelism, as if poetry and painting were in motion. The piece p_INK displays the figure of a drop taking the audience on a journey, a playful game in its own pink world while establishing its own signature. This world is dominated by liveliness, brightness, imagination and innocence. 


Dancer, choreographer: Louiza Avraam 

Composer: Marc Strobel 

Video artist: Laura Elias 

Costume design: Katharina Ruprecht 

Louiza Avraam was born and raised in Limassol, in 1993, where she began her dance training at Nadina Loizidou Ballet School. Louiza continued her education at Hamburg Ballet School-John Neumeier and then at Codarts University of Performing Arts where she received her Bachelor Degree. Since 2018, Louiza has been dancing with Gauthier Dance Company, Stuttgart. She previously danced with Scapino Ballet, Rotterdam and Saarlandisches Staatstheater, Saarbruecken. In her career to this date, she has worked among others with prominent choreographers such us Naharin, Shehter, Goecke, Chouinard, Marshall, Foniadakis, Waldman, Kylian, Eyal, Ekman. Along her dancing pathway, she developed a strong passion for choreography and created several pieces performed by the above companies. She received first prizes from the Saarlandisches Staatstheater Sponsors Club, the YAGP Semi-Finals, Paris and the Pancyprian Ballet Competition. 

louiza avraam2.jpg

To  Xorkon mou

Maria Kasapi

Monilia Village. 


Monilia is a remote village. 

Monilia village is unlike any other village. 

They say that someone disappears when coming close to Monilia village, thus, it prefers protecting itself from unwanted visitors. 

If you end up approaching it, you are unsure whether you wanted to approach it after all. 

Monilia Village. 

Monilia is here. 

Are you coming, yes or no? 

Choreographer: Maria Kasapi 

Performers: Elisavet Panagiotou, Belinda Xanthi Papavasiliou, Maria Kasapi, Panagiota Nicolaou 

Dramaturgy: Pavlos-Vasilios Kountouriotis 

Narrator: Nayia T. Karakosta 

Screenwriter: Maria Kasapi, Nayia T. Karakosta 

Photographer: Nikolas Georgiou 

Special thanks: Ermis Santis, Panagiotis Tofis, Ouplay Dance Studio 

Maria Kasapi was born in Nicosia. She studied Dance at the University of Nicosia (BA) while being at the same time a member of the Creative Masters dance group. She has collaborated with choreographers such as Lia Haraki, Ariana Economou, Alexis Vassiliou and Kiki Economou. As a choreographer and a performer, she participated in the following festivals: No Body, Interspace, Kipria, Summer Festival, Visibility, Paralliles at Nicosia Dance Stage, at the 19th and 20th Contemporary Platform and Dance Waves. She participated with the groups Creative Masters, Dem special, Creative Mega Masters in the following competitions: ΗΗΙ Adult (1st place), Hip Hop (2nd place), HΗl Mega Crew (1st place), HΗΙ Arizona , Turn it up (1st place). 

m kasapi TONGUE 3.jpg
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