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Day 1 / 10.11.2023 / Friday

Chameleon 22’


A fragile body explores its limits. Adapting to the ever-changing light-soundscape, the movements fit perfectly into the surrounding stillness, are born and die within it.

Instantaneous adaptation of the living body to an environment that functions as a source of its movement and immobilisation, as an existential space/way that delimits the strengths and weaknesses, a life-hiding place!

Whatever constitutes the “chameleon effect” defines the nature of maximum adaptability. Unlimited range of feelings between (metaphorical) light and dark. Given figuratively, this “nature” is translated into successive stages of exploration of the body in a state of immobility and movement, from light to darkness and vice versa. A performative existence marginally given to the game of adaptation, destined to alternately experience the most extreme different conditions in order to survive.

Choreographer: Elena Christodoulidou

Dancer: Maria Masonou

Music: Haris Sophocleous

Costumes: Fani Mouzaki, Eleni Ioannou 

Visual: Alexandros Demetriou


Amfidromo Chorotheatro Elena Christodoulidou


Elena Christodoulidou studied Dance in America, Greece and England. In 2002, she founded Amfidromo Chorotheatro dance company. Her choreographic work has been presented in Cyprus and abroad. Amfidromo is supported by the Deputy Ministry of Culture. Elena was the president of the New Movement of dance groups, dancers and choreographers of Cyprus from 2006 until 2012. She is a founding member of Dance Lab Nicosia and the curator of Dance waves Festival and Moving Images International Videodance Festival. In 2011 she wrote the book Contemporary dance in Cyprus 1980-2010. She often collaborates as a choreographer with Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC) and other theatres. She taught for 20 years in university institutions with the University of Cyprus being the last station, until 2013. In 2013, she established Egomio, a modern performing arts centre where she gathers her choreographic, educational and artistic activity.

Facebook: Amfidromo Chorotheatro Elena Christodoulidou

Instagram: Amfidromo Chorotheatro 

Match Point 15’


Tennis has been a big chapter of my life since, during my adolescence, I held second place in the ranking order in Cyprus in several championships. As of the age of 7, my life was divided between tennis and dancing. Countless hours of training for both. Combining them on stage was a long-standing desire, since I saw the movements and techniques of tennis as highly danceable.

The challenge was to combine the movement material of the two disciplines in a contemporary way with a humouristic approach, in contrast to the extremely stressful reality of a match point, the plethora of emotions and intensity that characterise the moment, where a single point determines the game.

Concept / Choreography: Melina Ioannidou

Dancers: Irene Leondiou, Paola Savvidou, Julie Charalambidou, Melina Ioannidou

Μusic score: Bianca Casaburi and Blendi

Dramaturgy: Natasa Georgiou

Mentoring: Christos Polymenakos

Costumes: The group

match point 2.jpg

Melina Ioannidou


Melina Ioannidou studied at ArtEZ University of Arts, a graduate of the BA Dance programme. During her studies, she created the solo To the Rhythm of Our Soul, did a rework for two dancers, and collaborated in a duet with Polina Nikolaeva, titled Golden Frame. As a resident artist at the Dance House Lemesos, she created the work A Shoe from Homeland, which was presented in Limassol and at the D.A.I.R FESTIVAL, in Nicosia. She danced for Corneliu Ganea, Dunja Jocic, Dario Tortorelli, Olga Markari, Interact Dance Co, Philippe Saire, Diastasis Company, Milena Ugren Koulas, Katerina Tilliridou, Elena Gavriel, Evi Panagiotou and Angelin Preljocaj. Melina collaborated with the Cyprus Dance Association and Ballet Cyprus as a teacher and choreographer. She currently teaches and choreographs at the Moving Arts Centre.

Coming of 15’


A playful ritual of re-approaching pleasure and togetherness, the work Coming of suggests joy as a means of reclaiming the body and visits trauma on the axis of the present and its potential.


Coming                                           the memory that returns and interrupts the experience.

Coming of age, perhaps                 -someone reaches an important stage of development 

                                                                      and is accepted by a large number of people.

Coming of                                              -resulting from something- because until we touch 

our wounds, we often become them, we take ugly forms and ugly sounds, like those birds make when they fall from the sky or people when they fall from the clouds.


the flight the fall the flight the flight


We may keep falling


let's go up

Choreographer: Annie Khoury 

Dancers: Viky Kalla, Ioli Kaskani, Annie Khoury 

Main Music Composition: Kasska


Annie Khoury


Annie Khoury attended the drama school of the National Theatre of Northern Greece and then received short term education on dance, cinema and dance therapy. She works as a performer and as a creator text/direction/choreography), as well as a facilitator for theatre, dance and movement research workshops. Her work has been presented at: OpenHouse Festival 2023 (MTN Residency Programme), Cyprus Choreography Platform (Young Choreographer Award 2021), TheYard.Residency 2022 (MITOS Center of Performing Arts), DigitAct Symposium 2023, Pop Up Festival, POLITISMOS Programme. She has collaborated, among others, with Marios Kakoullis (as an actress, 2022), Panagiotis Larkou (as a choreographer, 2022), Ariana Economou (as a performer/dancer, 2021), Aliki Danezi-Knutsen (as an actress, 2021), Petros Konnaris (as a performer, 2021), Leandros Taliotis (as an actress, 2020), Lia Haraki (as a dancer, 2019).

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